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The Badrinath sanctuary is the principle fascination in the town. As indicated by legend Shankar found a dark stone picture of Lord Badrinarayan made of Saligram stone in the Alaknanda River. He initially revered it in a give in close to the Tapt Kund hot springs. In the sixteenth century, the King of Garhwal moved the murti to the present sanctuary. The sanctuary is roughly 50 ft (15 m) tall with a little vault to finish everything, secured with a gold plated rooftop. The veneer is worked of stone, with curved windows. A wide stairway paves the way to a tall angled entryway, which is the primary passageway. The design takes after a Buddhist vihara (sanctuary), with the brilliantly painted veneer likewise more run of the mill of Buddhist sanctuaries. Simply inside is the mandapa, a substantial pillared lobby that prompts the garbha grha, or primary hallowed place zone. The dividers and mainstays of the mandapa are secured with perplexing cutting.

Badrinath was restored as a noteworthy journey site by Adi Shankara in the seventh century. In prior days, pioneers used to walk several miles to visit Badrinath sanctuary.

The sanctuary has been over and over crushed by seismic tremors and torrential slides. As late as the First World War, the town comprised just of the 20-odd cabins utilized by the sanctuary’s staff, yet the site drew thousands every year and up to 50,000 on its duodecennial celebrations (like clockwork). As of late its prevalence has expanded still more, with an expected 600,000 travelers going by amid the 2006 season, contrasted with 90,676 of every 1961. The sanctuary Badrinath is likewise a sacrosanct journey site for Vaishnavites. Badrinath is additionally entryway to a few mountaineering campaigns went to mountains like Nilkantha.


As per the Bhagavata Purana, “There in Badrikashram the preeminent being (Vishnu), in his manifestation as the sages Nara and Narayana, had been experiencing incredible repentance since time immemorial for the welfare of every single living substance.” (Bhagavata Purana 3.4.22)

The Badrinath region is alluded to as Badari or Badarikaashram (बदरिकाश्रम) in Hindu sacred writings. It is a place consecrated to Vishnu, especially in Vishnu’s double type of Nara-Narayana. Along these lines, in the Mahabharata, Krishna, tending to Arjuna, says, “Thou wast Nara in a previous body, and, with Narayana for thy buddy, didst perform unpleasant somberness at Badari for some heaps of years.”

One legend has it that when the goddess Ganga was asked for to slip to earth to help enduring mankind on the demand of suryavansh lord bhagiratha, the earth was not able withstand the power of her plunge. Along these lines, the strong Ganga (Ganges) was part into two heavenly channels, with Alaknanda one of them.

Another Legend clarifies both name and sitting stance as this place was loaded with Badri brambles and Vishnu thinking for, adored Lakshmi remained by him protecting him from searing daylight transformed into a Badri herself called ‘BADRI VISHAL’ and her lord(Nath) turned into the BadriNath.

The mountains around Badrinath are specified in the Mahabharata, when the Pandavas were said to have terminated one by one, when climbing the inclines of a top in western Garhwal called Swargarohini.(literal meaning – the ‘Rising to Heaven’). The Pandavas went through Badrinath and the town of Mana, 4 km north of Badrinath, on their approach to Svarga (paradise). There is additionally a collapse Mana where Vyasa, as per legend, composed the Mahabharata.

The territory around Badrinath was praised in Padma Purana as possessing large amounts of profound fortunes.


badrinath temple

The best time to visit Badrinath is in summers, from May to June and after that September and October. Amid the mid year season, the climate is charming with 18˚C being the normal temperature. This cold mountain locale has a normal temperature of greatest 18˚C and least of 8˚C consistently. The Rainy season has the risk of avalanches, so one ought to abstain from going around then. Summer sees the most extreme inflow of vacationers to this explorer focus. Because of low temperature consistently, woolen dress is an unquestionable requirement all the year round.


pandukeshwar temple near badrinath


Pandukeshwar is located at midway between Joshimath and Badrinath. Situated at a distance of 18 km from Joshimath and 23 km from Badrinath, Pandukeshwar can be reached by sharing jeep or hiring a taxi from Joshimath.

yogadhyan badri temple near badrinath

Yogadhyan Badri Temple
Yogadhyan Badri Temple is one of holy ‘Sapta Badri’ or seven Badri’s located at Pandukeshwar, Badrinath. Abode of Utsava-murti (festival-image) or Lord Udhava and Lord Kuber in winters, Yogadhyan Badri Temple is the place of worshipping Lord Vishnu meditative posture idol. Legends believed that King Pandu installed the bronze idol of Lord Vishnu in Yogadhyan Badri shrine.

badrinath uttarakhand

Mana Village
Mana is a last Indian village from the border of India and Tibet/China in the Himalayas. It is located in the district of Chamoli. It’s been designated as a “Tourism Village” by the Uttarakhand government. Mana village is one of the best tourist attractions nearby to Badrinath, It’s just 3 km from Badrinath town. The village is on the banks of the River Saraswati. It is situated at a height of around 3219 meters.

Facts About Badrinath

  • State: Uttarakhand
  • District: Chamoli
  • Famous for/as: Pilgrimage, Scenic
  • Languages: Garhwali, Hindi
  • Best Season: April – June / Sept-Oct
  • Weather: -4 to 30°C,
  • Winter: -4 to 24°C
  • Altitude: 3543 m
  • STD code: N/A


Delhi to Badrinath: 500 km

Indore to Badrinath: 1289 km

Nagpur to Badrinath: 1402 km

Bangalore to Badrinath: 2465 km

Chennai to Badrinath: 2519 km

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