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The thing which I like most with the Maharastrian guests is their language. Yes I like Marathi so much, it sounds very polite and gentle. We are from Devbhumi Tourism welcome you to our holy land of Gods "Uttarakhand".

This is Lalit Mohan, I am again here with my new article which is about, how to plan a journey for Uttarakhand from Mumbai? In this post I will guide you how you can reach at some popular places of Uttarakhand easily and what are the best ways to choose to reach Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is a delightful bumpy state situated in the north of India, It is spread over the lower regions of The Great Himalaya. Uttarakhand state is partitioned into two sections most likely known as Kumaon and Garhwal. Uttarakhand has 13 areas and Dehradun is the capital locale of Uttarakhand which lies in the Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. View the geological areas of Uttarakhand locale on the below map.

map of uttarakhand

In the above map of Uttarakhand, red line separates both regions. The upper part is known as Garhwal region which is having 7 districts of Uttarakhand and lower part is known as Kumaon which is having 6 districts of Uttarakhand.

Kumaon Districts: Almora, Bageshwar, Champawat, Nainital, Pithoragarh and Udham Singh Nagar
Garhwal Districts: Chamoli, Dehradun, Haridwar, Pauri, Rudraprayag, Tehri and Uttarkashi

Now its clear that Uttarakhand has two regions, So if you want to explore the Garhwal part then you can find a train, bus or flight upto Haridawr or Dehradun. And if you are planning to visit Kumaon part then you should find a train, bus or flight upto Kathgodam or Ramnagar. The distance between Haridawr and Mumbai is around 1600 kms and it is very difficult to drive by your own vehicle for a such long route.

1- Available Trains for Uttarakhand
Trains are well connected and very easy, cheaper and safe way to travel the cities within India. If you are willing to explore the Kumaon region you can search a train for Kathgodam, Lalkuan or Ramnagar station and if you are willing to explore the Garhwal part then you can search a train upto Haridwar or Dehradun. These are the gateways of Uttarakhand.

Mumbai to Ramnagar/Kathgodam by Train

There is only one direct train for Ramnagar (Jim Corbett National Park) from Bandra terminus. Direct trains for Kathgodam is not available but there are many trains upto Delhi from Mumbai and from Delhi there are some trains departs daily for Kathgodam from Old Delhi railway station. Lets check out which trains are available from Mumbai. mumbai to ramnagar train
Below are some trains from Mumbai to Delhi, From Delhi you can get a direct train to Ramnagar or Kathgodam.
mumbai to delhi trains
After reserving a train from Mumbai to Delhi, you can reserve a train to reach Kathgodam from below list.
delhi to kathgodam trains
Image Source: IRCTC.

Ramnagar/Kathgodam to Mumbai by Train

As I told you initially that there is only one direct train from Bandra Terminus to Ramnagar starts on Thursday and the same train goes back to Bandra Terminus on Friday from Ramnagar (RMR) terminal. Please find below details for more information. ramnagar to mumbai trains
If you want to reserve a train from Kathgodam terminal then you can book a train upto Delhi from Kathgodam and then you will book another train from Delhi to Mumbai. Ramnagar is only 55 kms from Kathgodam and it is an one hour journey but I just noticed that the direct train is taking much time than other including two trains. Please check out below trains from Kathgodam to Delhi.
kathgodam to delhi trains
After reserving a train from Kathgodam to Delhi, you can reserve a train to reach Mumbai from below list.
delhi to mumbai trains
If you notice that you can save your 8 hours if you book two trains for Kathgodam from Mumbai instead of a direct train for Ramnagar. For example if you book Rajdhani Express from Mumbai Central to New Delhi which takes around 16 hours and another New Delhi Kathgodam SHT from New Delhi to Kathgodam which takes around 6 hours to reach Kathgodam then including both trains journey it comes to total journey of 22 hours where as a direct train from Bandra Terminus to Ramnagar terminal takes around 30 hours to reach. So if you want to save your time then you should go for change a train at Delhi while traveling to Kathgodam from Mumbai.
Image Source: IRCTC.

Mumbai to Kathgodam by Flight

The nearest airport from Kathgodam is Pantnagar airport which is around 30 km. Please find below flights for Pantnagar airport from Mumbai. Kolkata to Dehradun by train
Flights from Pantnagar to Mumbai. Dehradun to Kolkata by train
Source: Find more on GOIBIBO


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