Explore the mouth watering delicious homemade organic food in the mud houses of Uttarakhand


Taste the magic of Uttarakhand recipes. The traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand is highly nutritious, simple to prepare and at the same time appealing to the palate.

Snuggled in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Kumaon and Garhwal are two distinct constituent regions. Both have their own distinctive traditions, festivals, and culture. The people are brave, hard-working and honest. And their Cuisine is high on taste and nutrition. The food habits of the people change according to the changing seasons. So, if in winters Mathir and Til Laddus or Madua Rotis are preferred, in summers, Dubkas with Chholia Rotis are savored.

To actually enjoy a tranquil, cool and enchanting trip to Garhwal and Kumaon, visitors should also savor the exquisite Cuisine, so typical of these regions.

Garhwali Cuisines: Taste the magic of Uttarakhand recipes. The traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand is highly nutritious, simple to prepare and at the same time appealing to the palate. Several of recipes are special to specific occasions or festivals.

Kumauni Cuisines: Snuggled in the foothills of the Majestic Himalaya, Kumaon is located in Uttarakhand, in the northern province of India. Its cool and fresh mountain breeze, the ethereal Himalaya scenic view, tall swaying Pine and Deodar trees.

Organic Food: Uttarakhand is known the world over for its mesmerizing natural beauty. The rich natural diversity coupled with the distinct climatic conditions yield edible plants and spices that are unique to the State.

Explore Some Tasty Dishes

Taste the delicious dishes of Uttarakhand during your Uttarakhand tours. Top 03 mouth watering dishes from Uttarakhand are listed below.


Dubuke also called as Dubuk in the local regions of Kumaon. It is a Kumaoni dish having delicious taste if made in the Kumaoni style. Preplanning is necessary to prepare this dish well.

bhatt ke dubuke
How to prepare Dubuke/Dubuk?
Dubuke/Dubuk can be made by two pulses either Gahat or Bhatt. Gahat and Bhatt are the pulses which are easily available in the market. To prepare this dish you have to soak any one type of pulse in the water for overnight. Next morning pulse will be easy to grind. Grind the pulse in a mixture grinder, do not make a thin paste. Real taste comes when you grind it between two stone pieces by hand. After grinding, take an iron utensil to prepare this. Put some oil in the pot and heat it, add ingredients which you use while preparing a normal Daal. After adding all the ingredients add the blended pulse into the pot and add enough water to prepare it. Boil the mixture for at least 30 minutes or more. Keep mixing it at the intervals of every 10 minutes. Serve hot with rice, taste the rich taste.


Bhatt ki chutkani is very easy preparation which anyone can easily prepare. Basically, it is a Daal prepared in a different way.

bhatt ki churkani
How to prepare Bhatt ki chutkani?
To prepare Bhatt ki chutkani, you need the pulse named Bhatt. It is a small oval shaped pulse with dark black or brown color. To prepare this dish you have to fry the Bhatt pulse in the oil, fry the pulse until it comes to a golden brown. Fry chopped onion until it changes to a golden brown and adds chopped tomatoes in it. Now add ingredients and add the fried Bhatt pulse in it. Add enough water in it and boil it for at least 30 minutes. Serve hot with rice.


Bathuve ka kaapa is high of nutrients and prepared in the winters. Bathuva is a plant similar to Palak. Kaapa can also be made by Palak and mustard leaves but it tastes best with Bathuva.

kaapa dish from uttarakhand
How to prepare Kaapa?
Kaapa is a very easy dish to prepare for a first timer. To prepare this dish you need to boil the green leaves of Bathuva/Palak with water. After boiling it for at least 30 minutes remove water and make past in mixture of the leaves. Now, prepare it as a normal dish. Serve hot with rice. This delicious dish gives you rich nutrients.

Explore the delicious and organic Uttarakhand dishes

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Taste the mouthwatering dishes.

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